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Celebrate the Fourth with Clay


Get ready to celebrate with Clay as Independence Day swiftly approaches! There's tons of red, white, and blue fun to be had throughout Clay. See where you can celebrate this year in our 2017 list of July 4th Fireworks and Festivals in Clay County.

Excelsior Springs in the Path of Totality


Excelsior Springs is a vibrant, historic community of 11,000 in a prime viewing area to see the 2017 Solar Eclipse. The city’s natural beauty and unique history make an exciting venue for this epic event on August 21, 2017 and will be hosting a plethora of activities on the weekend leading up to the event.

Born To Be Wild


Enjoying family time outdoors at Smithville Lake in Clay County, Missouri.

Liberty Finds

by Chelsea Hall

As the owner of a small home decor shop, I'm always on the hunt for inventory and inspiration. My 15-year-old daughter, Oakley, often joins me on my weekend trips, which makes for excellent bonding time.

Enough energy for an entire family in Clay County, MO


"Race you to the top!" Ryan, my middle son, shouted as he and his two brothers began scrambling up the 40-foot-high rock climbing wall. As a mom of three boys ages 10, 12 and 13 my days are filled with sports, roughhousing, and the inevitable bumps and bruises that come along with boys

Fun Family Lodging at the Worlds of Fun Villages

by Kim Ritter

Planning a family vacation to Kansas City and wondering where to stay near Worlds of Fun? Did you know that you can stay right AT Worlds of Fun? Seriously! The Worlds of Fun Village offers family friendly RV camping, cabin and cottage rental right on the Worlds of Fun campus, and is convenient and close to the theme park with comfortable lodgings.

The Jesse James Museum in Kearney, Missouri

by Kim Ritter

Now that our children are school age and old enough to understand, we've started adding historical stops to many of our family road trips. They are fun and interesting way for them to learn a little bit of our country's history hands on and to better understand some of the things they learn in books and in class. It's always nice when one of our journeys takes us near an interesting historical place that we can explore and recently we had the chance to stop in at the Jesse James Birthplace in Kearney, Missouri.

Visiting Worlds of Fun in Kansas City, MO

by Kim Ritter

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, Worlds of Fun is an amazing 235 acre amusement park that not only includes access to rides, shows and attractions, but admission also gets you access to Oceans of Fun, their waterpark as well. It's one of our favorite stops when we visit the Kansas City area in the summer months and a must-see if you've never been.

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