Clay County Museum

Clay County Museum

The Clay County Museum houses historical artifacts from around the county. There is a reading room within the library where visitors can peruse the museum's historical documents and articles - the museum charges an entrance fee for the reading room.

Here is a list of a few of the publications available in the museum's reading room:

"The History of the Statue of Justice" by David W. Short
Lady Justice currently gracing the third floor of the Clay County Court House was originally brought to Clay County by boat in the 1850s. Read and see its history.

"Randall Jessee's Halfway to Paradise" A history of Clay County by well known local radio and television personality, Randall Jessee whose career included WDAF, US Information Agency, the Voice of America, the EPA and Judge of the Eastern District of Clay County.

"Daniel W. Hughes 1847-1912" by Daniel G. Hughes, youngest son of Mr. Hughes

"Annie McCarty Hughes 1854-1918" by John Chuck Simmons of Platte City, MO. (Great Great Grandson of Daniel G. Hughes) Family history of 2nd drugstore owner of current CCMHS building)

"George Hughes 1826-1901" by Daniel G. Hughes, oldest son

"Frank and Ralph Hughes" (sons of George Hughes) From the McCarty Family, Liberty, MO.
Family histories from mid 1800s.

"Clay County Historical Society, Interesting Facts from 1932-1945" Complied by Mrs. Chas. A. McConn, CCMHS historian
Newspaper clippings chronicling Clay County history

"Fairview Cemetery Census, Kearney, Missouri" Compiled by Matthew S. Shull, July 1, 2008

"1864 Captain Kempers to Capt. Charles E. Taylor" letter (copy of original)

"The Kansas City Archaeologist" issues with articles on Clay County sites

"My Life On a Bicycle" by Ed Chasteen, the Pedalin' Prof from William Jewell College
Autobiography of the founder of HateBusters.

"Bits of Historical Data" Complied by Lyn Allison Yeager
Assembled copies of "Our Clay Heritage", original articles and various newspaper clippings on Clay County history. 1954-2003

"Antebellum (pre 1860) Homes in Liberty, Missouri" photos from 1960s, 70's and 2011 with brief history of the homes

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